A Red Cardinal Visits me today.

On checking  my new mail today January 2nd,  2016. I see a beautiful post of a winter scene.A little garden space the setting you will see in your mind’s eye.In this little snow filled place out of season sits a table with 2 chairs, on top of this table,  is a vase filled with dried flowers from long gone now happy  summer days.It is covered with the lightly falling snow.A tree  with bare hanging limbs but is full of frozen red berries that refuse to fall off to add to the beauty of this winter scene.As I look at this post a fleeting thought comes to mind than I remember just yesterday New Years Day,I was gazing  out my kitchen window to watch the little birds eating with vigour and delight their find  of seeds I so lovingly have filled my bird feeder with, then I notice a Red Cardinal sitting on the feeder quietly nestled there from the unpleasant blowing wind and snow.I see him looking at me or it sure feels like I made a connection with the little bird I thought so out of place and in the icy cold winter temperatures.I wonder if he should be in this cold climate thinking he should be on some tropical island.My curiosity sends me to find information about this little creature,  what I find sends chills down my spine and a tear rolling down my face.Apparently when you see Red Cardinals Angles are visiting you.I sadly remember my friend of many years who passed on New Year’s Eve.It is also said that to see these pretty birds you are also being visited by a soul who has passed.I smile my heart is full of happy  memories of a beautiful woman who is gone now,  but she isn’t suffering anymore from heat ache or pain,  she now is my Angel and not just any Angel she comes to visit in the form of my Little Red Cardinal.Smiling now and tears rolling down my face will there be magic in my life such as this ever again?Then I also notice hanging above my door I have a sun catcher of a Red Cardinal I placed there so many Christmases ago,  not ever knowing that the sun catcher would be so significant to me.It will always stay there  filling my kitchen with beautiful colours from the sun shining through and I know a tear will fall I will smile and never forget my friend or how mystical and magical life really is.I wish you all a wonderful 2016 A new year filled with your own magic abundance good health prosperity.Blessed Be…

Merry Meet.

Today is Saturday June 27 2015.On awaking this morning with not ever having the notion I would be starting a Blog. Here I go. On opening my computer,with a feeling of not much interest,I first noticed my mail.  So curiously checking to see who or what was calling me,the notification from a blogger.As she put’s effort in sharing her rather mundane life,I give her credit for her tenacity.At times we have similar interests in the world of the Occult,so as to arouse my curiosity,and hunger for something compelling I read on.Oh dear seems it will be another mundane morning.What sparked my curiosity,A painting of her sorrow,or  depression.Who in there right mind would have any reason to care about such sadness.I find I do.Don’t we all suffer a touch of depression,now and again, as we embrace are growing older, or not enough money to skirt off in our ready set jet.Our sexless life’s. Masturbating can be hot,or  boring, at the best of times.Unless watching 2 beautiful  women,sweating and enjoying oral sex. The humping and jerking of hips when a cold tongue touches that just right swollen right place.Okay back to reality.But so nice when your thoughts go to exciting places. MMMMM? Yes I do practice Witchcraft,am very connected to nature,live alone, but still am a very sexual creature.Did I mention that in my introduction?Okay so I notice I have been on here 2 hours already. I must tear my self away as lunch is calling and I have an insatiable urge to go out on a Saturday night quest, my dark side has awakened.Until I return. Merry Part Darlings.)0(^-^)0(